Invitation to a workshop: Literature, Philosophy, and Education

The Aesthetic Division at the Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka and the Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy invite you to a workshop, to be held online, May 17th and in vivo May 20th 2022, as part of the ongoing series of lectures dedicated to aesthetic cognitivism: Literature, Philosophy, and Education, with Mitch Green, Rob Piercey, Karen Simecek, Andrea Selleri, Patrick Fassenbecker, James O. Young and Laurel Marjorie Bowman.  

We also invite you to a discussion on the intellectual rights in the arts with James Young and Ivana Kunda on May 19th.  This event is organized in collaboration with Kulturni front and is part of a series of lectures dedicated to popularization of science Opatija Coffeehouse Debates. More information on both events are available in the program.

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