Book promotion – Knowledge and epistemic justification (in Croatian)


New book by Zvonimir Čuljak “Knowledge and epistemic justification” is published by Ibis grafika.

In the book the author discusses the most central and traditional problems of epistemology, a discipline that not only has an important place within philosophy but also in fields outside of philosophy.

The book is composed of five main parts: 1. Truthfulness, belief and knowledge; 2. Sources, kinds and domains of knowledge; 3. Justification and knowledge; 4. Knowledge and justified belief; 5. Thee possiblity of knowledge. Every part is further divided into chapters. For more on the book see here (in Croatian).

Zvonimir Čuljak is a full professor at the Department of philosophy, Centre for Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb.

European Journal of Analytic Philosophy (EUJAP) – invitation for contributions


The European Journal of Analytic Philosophy is an international, peer-refereed journal devoted to the promotion of philosophy mostly by publishing original articles on the topics covered in contemporary philosophy. See the web site here:

EuJAP is open to a broad spectrum of issues and viewpoints ranging from ethics, meta-ethics, applied ethics, epistemology, ontology, philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, philosophical psychology and philosophy of action. In particular, this journal aims at providing a forum for philosophical exchange among philosophers from diverse fields within the analytic tradition broadly conceived. Articles in history of philosophy are welcome provided that they have relevance for current philosophical debates.

EuJAP is indexed in ERIH PLUS and The Philosopher’s Index

EuJAP is published in English twice a year or continuously when enough papers are received, in printed, as well as in electronic version. See online issues here:

All authors working on issues in analytic philosophy (broadly construed) are invited to submit their papers.

Submitted manuscripts should be (see

– prepared for blind refereeing: authors` names and their institutional affiliations should not appear on the manuscript
– accompanied by a separate file containing the title of the manuscript, a short abstract (not exceeding 250 words), keywords, academic affiliation and full address for correspondence including e-mail address
– written in English
– no longer than 8000 words, including footnotes and references

Contributions and inquiries should be sent to: