September 2017

14.9.2017. Lecture and a workshop with Paul Gilbert (University of Hull).
The title of the talk: “Deathbed Regrets (With examples from English poetry)”.
Workshop: “Metaphilosophy”.

July 2017
3.-4.7.2017. CEASCRO two-day conference: Psychopathy: scientific and social challenges. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. See the programme here.

May 2017

Conference: 19th edition of the Contemporary Philosophical Issues: John Searle Symposium on Social Ontology
Plenary talk: John Searle (University of California, Berkley)
Invited speakers: Jennifer Hudin (Director of the John Searle Center for Social Ontology), Maurizio Ferraris (LabOnt University of Torino), Tiziana Andina (Director of LabOnt, University of Torino), Paolo de Lucia (University of Milano), Giuseppe Lorini (University of Cagliari), Nenad Miščević (University of Maribor), Boran Berčić (University of Rijeka), Snježana Prijić-Samaržija (University of Rijeka), Petar Bojanić (Universities of Belgrade and Rijeka)

April 2017

Mini conference: Linguistic intuitions and natural kinds
Guest speaker: Michael Devitt (City University of New York))

June 2016

Workshop: Psychopathy: Scientific Advancements and Philosophical Interpretations
Invited talks: Luna Centifanti (University of Durham), Janko Međedović (University of Belgrade)

May 2016

Conference: 18th edition of Contemporary Philosophical Issues: Society, Agency and Knowledge
Plenary talk: Raimo Tuomel (University of Helsinki)


Symposium: Criminal responsibility and the social response to deviance
Keynote speaker: Matt Matravers (University of York)

March and April 2016


Project Identity – International conference: the Self
Keynote speaker: Eric Olson (University of Sheffield)

February 2016

CEASCRO Project Workshop III – The moral and legal responsibility of the psychopath
Keynote speaker: dr. Gwen Adshead (Gresham College)

July 2015

CEASCRO Project Workshop II – Scientific advancement in the classification and explanation of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy. Keynote speakers: Rachel Cooper (University of Lancaster) and Inti A. Brazil (University of Nijmegen) You can check the programme here.

May 2015


Philosophy, society and the sciences: 17th Edition of the International Conference Contemporary Philosophical Issues (programme)

February 2015

CEASCRO Project Workshop I – Perspectives on antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy, mental health law and care (Programme).

Keynote speaker: Jonathan Glover (King’s College, London)

The workshop was the first day of the international conference “Jonathan Glover on Psychiatry, War, and Morality”.

December 2014

One day conference: Derek Bolton on mental disorder, Faculty of humanities and social sciences in Rijeka. You can see the programme here.

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