Collection “Perspectives on the Self” is published

2017. August

Cover: Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik

Berčić, B. (ed.) Perspectives on the Self. University of Rijeka 2017.

Can we upload ourselves to computers? Are our iPhones and Notebooks parts of us? Why is Know thyself! still a good advice? What did the logical positivists think about the Cogito? Why did the Buddha argued that the self does not exist? Did the Ancients have a notion of subjectivity? What does it mean to put oneself in someone else’s shoes? Should we feel sorry for those who have never been born? In what sense does Emma Bovary exist? What counts as a good answer to the question “Who am I?”

In this collection of articles an international team of seventeen authors raise and answer these and many other interesting questions about the self and related matters.

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