Membership payment details

Dear members of the Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy,

in the meeting held on January 25, 2023., a new decision concerning membership fee was adopted. It was agreed upon that employed members should pay €15 while students and unemployed members pay €6 for the annual fee.
We take this opportunity to invite all members to make the membership payment.

Membership payment details:

Name of the receiver: Hrvatsko društvo za analitičku filozofije (Eng. Croatian
Society for Analytic Philosophy)
IBAN: HR1324020061101107904
Reference number: 00-payer’s OIB (social security number) or date of payment

Bank: Erste&Steiermärkische Bank

Address: 51000 Rijeka, Jadranski trg 3a


CSAP OIB: 28219466040

IBAN: HR1324020061101107904

QRcode for payment (use 00 for model payment)

CSAP employed members fee € 15

CSAP employed members fee €6

With kind regards,

the Steering committee of the Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy


Faculty members of the Department of philosophy in the Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb on 6.2.2017. sent an open letter to the Head of the Croatian Studies and Scientific and teaching board of the Croatian Studies. In the letter they direct attention to the problems they are facing in their work, which they have not been able to solve through the standard bodies of their institution, because of which they are now addressing the expert community and public in general. Many Department teachers are our members. Thus, we as a professional philosophical association, support their endeavors and convey their letter.
The letter can be read here (in Croatian).

Invitation to a meeting

The steering committee of the Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy invites all members to participate in a meeting which will be held on Thursday, 9.2.2017., at 12:00, at the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka.

The official call can be read here.

The suggested agenda of the meeting:
– Report on the Financial plan for 2016. and the suggested Financial plan for 2017.
– Plans for the organization of the presentation of Nenad Smokrović’s recently published book ,,Science and the Method”
– Support to the Department of Philosophy in the former Center for Croatian Studies of the University in Zagreb
– Miscellaneous