Postdoc position: project AEtNA-update

Update: the call for applications was cancelled
The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rijeka (Croatia) announces a postdoc research position in the Department of Philosophy for the project „Aesthetic Education through Narrative Art and Its Value for the Humanities”, for the period of two years (April 2021-April 2023).
The main aim of this research project is to explore the epistemological and ethical values of narrative art and to explain how engagements with such works influence our cognitive capacities and moral sensibilities. Given such interest, this research lies at the intersection of three philosophical traditions:
(1) the claim that narrative art is a source of truth, capable of transferring knowledge and other cognitively relevant states (aesthetic cognitivism); (2) the exploration of the transformative power of aesthetic experience with respect to one’s ethical development (aesthetic education); and (3) the defence of the value of the humanities and humanistic education (i.e. one that recognizes the relevance of art and art-related subjects, including other branches of humanities such as philosophy). The candidate is expected to have a background in at least one of the philosophical traditions
mentioned above, as well as in some form of narrative art (literature, film, theatre, TV series) and to be acquainted with philosophical/aesthetic issues related to fiction, narrative, representation, aesthetic cognitivism and interaction value debate. In addition, background in applied aesthetics, cognitive or empirical aesthetics, as well as in the study of the humanities, is welcome.
The candidate is expected to do the research on these topics, present his or her work regularly at the conferences, workshops, and public engagements, publish papers, and assist with project-related administrative and organizational duties.
Candidates should present a written application containing the below-listed documents, and submit it via post by 19/03/2021 23:00 CET. Submission should also contain an electronic format (cd or USB)
with the CV and the copies of publications. The documents required include:
– a CV (EU format)
– a copy of the doctoral degree certificate
– a copy of the identification document
– evidence of research/publications done in the past (copies of papers as published in the relevant Journals)
Submission should be addressed to:
Sveučilišna avenija 4
51000 Rijeka
Za Natječaj pod točkom 4

Further information is available at the Euraxess website:
All the questions should be directed to Iris Vidimar at

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