20.2.2018. Predrag Dominis Prester (Department of physics, University of Rijeka) – “Space-time and causality”

12.10.2017. Filip Grgić (Institute of Philosophy in Zagreb) – “Deliberation, Investigation, and the Assumption of Openness”

27.9.2017. Arto Mutanen (National Defence University, Helsinki, Finland) – Philosophy of War

8.6.2017. Katja Džepina (University of Rijeka) – Inequality in air quality.

25.4.2017. Emiliano Loria (Università degli Studi di Torino) – “The Origin of the Teleological Reasoning”
12.4.2017. Marco Viola (Center for Neurocognition and Theoretical Syntax, Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia) – “Saving one-to-one mapping in Cognitive Neuroscience: the problem of Multiple Realization

28.2.2017. Saša Horvat (Faculty of Theology in Rijeka) – “On the self and consciousness: phenomenological and neuroscientific approaches”

15.12.2016. Goran Kardaš (Sveučilište u Zagrebu) – Language and epistemology in Indian philosophy

14.12.2016. Goran Kardaš (Sveučilište u Zagrebu) – The problem of meaning in Indian philosophy

04.10.2016. Arto Mutanen (National Defence University, Helsinki, Finland) – About Personal Identity

03.10.2016. Arto Mutanen (National Defence University, Helsinki, Finland) – Some Problems of Identity

28.6.2016. Nada Gligorov (Ichan School at Mount Sinai, New York) – Personal Identity and Memory modification

02.06.2016. James DiFrisco (KLI, Klosterneubrug, Austria) – Kinds of Biological Individuals: Projectibility, Analogy, and Selection

29.07.2015. Nenad Miščević (University of Maribor, Central European University in Budapest) – Definitions of nations

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