Promocija knjige “Tetralog, ja imam pravo, ti griješiš”

Obavještavamo Vas da će se 20.05.2022. održati predstavljanje prijevoda knjige Timothy Williamsona ”Tetralog, ja imam pravo, ti griješiš”, u Auli Magni Rektorata Sveučilišta u Rijeci (1. kat, Trg braće Mažuranića 10, Rijeka), s početkom u 14 sati. Izdavač je Tim press, Zagreb. Nakon predstavljanja, autor knjige Timothy Williamson Wykeham Profesor logike na Oxfordu, održat će predavanje Post-truth politics and the idea of truth.

Invitation to the workshop: Literature, Philosophy, and Education

The Aesthetic Division at the Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka and the Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy invite you to a workshop, to be held online, May 17th and in vivo May 20th 2022, as part of the ongoing series of lectures dedicated to aesthetic cognitivism: Literature, Philosophy, and Education, with Mitch Green, Rob Piercey, Karen Simecek, Andrea Selleri, Patrick Fassenbecker, James O. Young and Laurel Marjorie Bowman.  

We also invite you to a discussion on the intellectual rights in the arts with James Young and Ivana Kunda on May 19th.  This event is organized in collaboration with Kulturni front and is part of a series of lectures dedicated to popularization of science Opatija Coffeehouse Debates. More information on both events are available in the program.

Symposium: The People We End Up Being: Art, Ethics and Agency

The Chair of Aesthetics at the Department of Philosophy invites you to a two-day international scientific symposium The People We End Up Being: Art, Ethics and Agency. The symposium is dedicated to the research of ethical segments of art and artistic production, issues of moral transformation through art and problems of immoral art.

Keynote speakers: Ted Nannicelli (University of Queensland), James Harold (Mount Holyoke College), A.W. Eaton (University of Illinois) and Gregory Currie (University of York).

The symposium is held in a hybrid model within the activities of the Croatian Science Foundation project UIP-2020-02-1309 Aesthetic education through narrative art and its importance for the humanities ( according to this program.

Mini symposium: Computational and Biological Approaches to Psychopathology

We invite you to a mini symposium entitled”Computational and Biological Approaches to Psychopathology ” . The mini symposium will take place on Tuesday 26 APRIL 2022 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka.

The program of the workshop can be accessed here: Computational and biological approaches to psychopathology

Our guest speaker will be Sam Wilkinson (University of Exeter). On Tuesday 26 APRIL 2022 he will give a talk entitled “Basic Control in Cognition and Psychopathology: A Predictive Processing Perspective“.

On Wednesday 27 APRIL 2022 Sam will give a talk entitled “Humean Theory of Motivation and Predictive Coding“.

Online workshop Responding to antisocial personalities in a democratic society

We invite you to the two day online workshop Responding to antisocial personalities in a democratic society that will be held on the 12 and 13 January 2022 at 14:00 (CET; UTC+01:00)
(Click here to join the meeting in Microsoft Teams).

The keynote speaker of the two events is Prof. Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen (Forensic Science Program & Department of Philosophy University of Toronto Mississauga). Please, find the program here.

The event is jointly organised by the project Responding to antisocial personalities in a democratic society and the Croatian Society for Analytic Philosophy.

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